Now that you have an idea of who I am and what I do, I want to know more about you!


Scroll down, shoot me an email & gimmie all the detail you have!
he more I know about you or your team, the better the experience.

Tell me about your Project/Event
We’ll just start with three questions to get the ball rolling…

  1. Project or Event Location/Date/Time?
    When and where are we doing this? I travel to my clients, so I need to know what City, State we will be working in as well as the location/hotel. I can be in Florida one day & Dallas, Texas the next for work, then back to Vegas. Keep me busy, I go stir crazy when I have too much time off.

  2. What is your Instagram?
    I want to scope you out! I need to know what kind of vibe I’m working with, so I can do your makeup accordingly. Especially when it comes to my brides, if you’re a badass tattooed babe who loves smokey eyes and red lips, I want to know that! My Instagram is @PatriciaWisdomArt feel free to creep on me. You’ll find past makeups, behind the scenes, travel clips, concerts and Q&A.

  3. One last thing, we gotta talk about money. If this is a project, what is the budget?
    Will we be outside on set for over 12 hours? Are there 30 extras that need hair & makeup? How much time is hair & makeup allowed? (Do I need to bring in an assistant to get the job done?) These are all details that I have to factor in when deciding on a rate that is fair to you, my client and myself.

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